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Welcome to the website of the Massey University Veterinary Students’ Association, or MUVSA.


MUVSA is the official representation of veterinary and veterinary technology students at Massey University, New Zealand.


MUVSA works hard to provide students with support and balance throughout the degree. This includes investing in mental health initiatives, offering options for academic help, providing career development opportunities and guest lectures, and organising many social extracurriculars, such as quiz nights, sports teams, and whole school events. MUVSA also strives to foster relationships between other colleges and institutions at Massey, and overseas. This is mirrored by our encouragement of students to participate in many professional veterinary organisations.


Ultimately, MUVSA exists to represent students and their interests. The committee consists of an executive team, as well as class representatives in each year of both the veterinary and veterinary technology degrees. This creates effective communication between staff, students, and year levels across the entire school. Thus, we are able to effectively lead discussions with the School of Veterinary Science and other organisations on behalf of the students.


We work hard to stay current, and attempt to continuously improve on previous executive’s innovation and application. In 2021 we are aiming to focus on ensuring students have the best tools to sustain themselves when they enter the workforce. This includes a greater focus on mental and physical wellbeing, as well as a healthy work-life balance. This year we have introduced a few extra roles into the executive committee to help fulfil this vision. We have incorporated the Vet Wellbeing Initiative into the constitutional structure of MUVSA with the addition a 'Wellbeing Officer', as we believe that effective and sustainable change needs to be organised and adopted from the top. In addition, we have been promoting green initiatives by entering into a partnership with the Massey University Green Team Initiative by appointing a 'Sustainability Liaison' to increase student involvement. We have also added an 'International Student Representative' to provide a more specific voice for international students in the veterinary programme.

We are also currently planning our twice annual Community Day.  In the second semester of this year in conjunction with the Palmerston North City Council, we will be planting trees. This long-term project enhances areas of native bush along streams, provides a place for wildlife to thrive, improves water quality, and creates open green spaces from the Tararua Ranges to the Manawatū River. This service project within Palmerston North aims to continue building on the rapport of veterinarian professionals at the community level.


We look forward to the year ahead and are always open to suggestions and recommendations. We hope to make a tangible imprint on the history of MUVSA and foster impeccable new graduates from both degrees. 


Natalie Peoples 


MUVSA President 2023

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