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Vet Wellbeing Initiative

Vet Wellbeing Officer: Catherine Nelson



Nothing is more fundamental to life than well-being. It underpins our health and our happiness. As members of a caring profession, we are particularly prone to neglecting of the most important care of all: self-care. Vet Well-Being Initiative is here to change that, and make YOU your own top priority as well as ours. 


We organise fun brain breaks, such as movie nights and cooking classes. We have an anonymous forum called Vet Tails, where you can share your thoughts, struggles or stories with the MUVSA community. We have some serious workshops on major issues affecting our industry, including stress management and suicide prevention. But we also love slipping a sneaky treat into the pigeonholes in the vet tower or supplying cake just for the joy of eating it. 


So if doing fun, wholesome things sounds like something you could get behind, come and join us! You can contact us through our Facebook page- Vet Well-Being Initiative- or email

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