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Useful Links

Offshore Student Links:

1.     Veterinary Information Network (VIN) – Free Student Membership

Free only discussion forum, Online version of Plumb Drug formulary, Interactive emergency simulators, mentor programme, webcasts and lectures


2.     Centre for Veterinary Education (CVE) – Free Student Membership

CPD portal, free webinars, lectures, image gallery and more


3.     American Animal Hosptial Association (AAHA), VetFolio + NAVC – Free student membership

Free webinars, resources, job advertisements in the USA


4.     Biosecurity and Exotic diseases – New South Wales

Free lectures and up-to-date research and warnings for emerging and exotic diseases from Australia


5.     ACVM Drug Register NZ - MPI

All registered drugs within NZ can be found here, including labels with withholding periods etc.


6.     Veterinary Cardiology Wesbiste

Good cardiology resource portal


7.     Renal Failure – International Renal Interest Society

The most up-to-date staging, classification and treatment protocols for acute and chronic kidney failure as a global focal point     


8.     Limb Anatomy (Horses and Cattle)

3-D advanced imaging, and radiographic images of all limbs


9.     Radiology

Vermont Veterinary Cardiology Services

Cases with history and finding, radiographs, advanced imaging and interpretations


Veterinary Radiology

Case examples with images, history and interpretations


VetMed Illinois

Coloured overlay learning tool for interpretation of radiographs


DVM Insight

Search for radiographs by condition or history findings


To learn more and get OneNote, visit

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