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MUVSA Executive 2021


BVSc President

Tatjana Wagner

Tatjana is a fourth year veterinary student whom one day aims to be a rural veterinarian focusing on large animals. Tatjana stems from the Wairarapa, and has always grown up with horses, sheep and cattle. She loves the outdoors, playing hockey and netball, competing horses and loves spending time with family and friends. Tatjana's goals for the year ahead are to ensure student voices are heard, by creating a strong link between the university faculty and her peers. She wants to get students involved in all of the veterinary events, and create an enjoyable year for all. 

BVSc Vice President

Jack Cameron
Jack Cameron.jpg

Jack is a third year veterinary student who currently has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Originally from Pāpāmoa is the Western Bay of Plenty, he was heavily involved in the ocean. Unfortunately for him, Palmy doesn't have the same scenery so he's had to find other things to occupy his time. This year, Jack wants to help his fellow exec members to reach their goal of creating an enjoyable and supportive community among vet students.

IMG_2264 2_edited.jpg

BVSc Immediate Past President

Maithreyi Sundaresan
Alessia Morel

BVT President

Alessia Morel

Alessia is a third year Veterinary Technology Student who one day hopes to work with exotic animals. Born and raised on a lifestyle block right here in the Manawatu she spent most of her childhood raising lambs and chasing sheep. Outside of Uni she loves to bake, dance, cuddle her bunnies,and nap (especially after an ICU day shift). As BVT president she hopes to help the last year for the BVT students as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Jaime Watters
Jaime Watters.png

Jaime is a fourth year vet student and looks forward to a career as a mixed practice vet in New Zealand. Jaime was born and raised in the Manawatu on a lifestyle property with a mixture of cows, horses, sheep, cats, dogs and birds. In her free time Jaime enjoys show jumping in the summer and hunting on horseback with her family in the winter. Jaime's Goals for the year include ensuring that MUVSA and the rest of the vet school can get the most out of this year while still raising money for future years to come. 


Jessica Lian
Jessica Lian.JPG

Jessica is an international student and originally from China. She grew up in the city, but has been passionate about all types of animal since she was young. Jessica likes all outdoor and indoor activities such as dancing, swimming, playing video games, playing tennis and so on. As her family is not with her at the moment (they are in different countries), Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends the most. She is keen on learning new skills all the time which make her feel fulfilled.


Hannah Martin, Charlie Fairman, Jack Matthews & Georgina Llewellyn

External Affairs Officer

Amos Manktelow
Amos Manktelow

Amos is a third year vet student from Windy Welly who enjoys cats, rabbits and cattle and aims to be a large animal veterinarian. He usually can be found at the gym as well as having a great love for tramping and so really enjoys the outdoors. This year, he's hoping to show the rest of the university what we have to offer! 

Sustainability Liaison

Lauryn Somerville
Lauryn Somerville.jpeg

Lauryn is a third year vet student who hopes to work with as many different animals as possible during her veterinary career. She has lived in many places throughout her lifetime but hopes to one day settle in rural New Zealand. As sustainability officer this year she aims to help the vet school make a number of small changes towards a greener future. 

Alumni Relations Officer

Stephanie Woodfill
Stephanie Woodfill.PNG

Stephanie is a fifth year vet student from the USA, who moved here after completing an undergraduate degree in Zoology at UW-Madison and a few years of vet tech work at various practices in the upper Midwest. She hopes to use this newly established role to form and advertise a centralized online "hivemind" where current Massey students and alumni alike can discuss and share any interesting and/or confusing cases they have, as well as give support for colleagues, and just share anything interesting/frustrating/exciting that they want the rest of the veterinary world to know! In her (limited) free time, Stephanie enjoys walking and hiking with her two sighthounds (one of which came with her from the USA), playing video games, and reading. 

Cathy Nelson.jpg

Vet Wellbeing Officer

Catherine Nelson

Catherine is a 4th year vet student, and is very excited to be your Well-Being Officer for 2021! Originally from the UK (for her sins), Catherine moved to Blenheim with her family when she was 8. She loves animals of all descriptions, so she's hoping to go into mixed practice when she graduates. Aside from uni, Catherine enjoys going to the gym, socialising, riding horses, swimming and drinking copious amounts of tea. This year Catherine really wants to bring well-being to the forefront of everyone's minds, so it becomes their top priority, not an occasional luxury.

Class Representatives 2020


BVSc 1: Olly Ceci & Saskia Knight

BVSc 2: Kathryn Kortegast & Jannika Roubos
BVSc 3: Tara Brophy & Madeleine Pollard
BVSc 4: Cassie Lundie & Holly Broom
BVSc 5: Brooke Gordon & William MacDonald


BVT 3: Kelly Chamberlain

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