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Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society

President: Alexis Seaton-Sykes

Treasurer: Crystal Yu

Secretary: Kate Hamill

Talks Coordinators: Samantha Randall Bley


Fee: Free for 2023

Facebook: Massey SVECCS

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The Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (SVECCS) is a student run Club focused on the promotion of emergency medicine and critical care education for Massey’s veterinary student cohort. We are one of the many international chapters of SVECCS, when you join the Massey SVECCS club you are joining an international community.

SVECCS puts on talks throughout the year focused on students getting to know the ins & outs of being an emergency and critical care veterinarian learning from those in the know! and we run workshops for students to get hands on skills & scenario based training.

We want students from all years to get involved, whether you love largies or smallies (or even wildlife). PLUS membership gets you priority and discounts for our workshops.


How to join:

Membership is free - join our Facebook page ‘Massey SVECCS’ to access our membership form.  

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