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Editors: Julia Burton, Ashlee Larsen, Bianca Mercer

Contributors: Catherine Nelson, Jack Cameron, Ella Donaldson, Ananya Sam,
Amos Manktelow, Lauryn Somerville

Contact Email: 


"Nose to Tail" is the quarterly newsletter written by Massey's finest Vet and Vet Tech students/journalists. Our aim is to keep students and faculty entertained and informed about the various events and happenings within the School of Veterinary Science through the form of reviews, interviews and the occasional piece of news.


'Nose to Tail' was established in 2014 by the MUVSA executive to document the lives of vet students within the faculty. In 2019, 'Nose to Tail' made the leap from an online-only monthly newsletter to a quarterly physical publication.



As a student-run newsletter, 'Nose to Tail' cannot be kept alive without the creative work and support of students and faculty staff. If you have a piece of work, or any suggestions that you would like to see published, please contact as at





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