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MUVSA Executive 2018

MUVSA Executive 2021

BVSc President

Maithreyi Sundaresan

BVSc Vice President

Tatjana Wagner

Tatjana is a third year vet student whom one day aims to be a rural veterinarian focusing on large animals. Tatjana stems from the Wairarapa, and has always grown up with horses, sheep and cattle. She loves the outdoors, playing hockey and netball, competing horses and loves spending time with family and friends. Tatjana's goals for the year ahead are to ensure student voices are heard, by creating a strong link between the university faculty and her peers.

BVSc Immediate Past President

Georgie Martin

BVT President

Nadine Hartley

Nadine is a 3rd year vet tech student and a locum veterinary technologist in the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. She was born and raised in Auckland, but don't let the 'city chick' facade fool you; she has no trouble jumping a paddock fence and herding some cows. In her spare time Nadine loves to catch up with friends, go to the gym, and relax at the beach. As BVT President she hopes to continue working towards cohesion between the vet and vet tech classes. As well as provide support and advice to the rising vet tech students. She is always looking to challenge herself and is excited for all the opportunities coming her way in 2020.


Shannon Cassidy


Shannon is a 4th year vet student and was born and raised as a city girl, from Wellington. Throughout the year for Shannon its head down, bum up, however when she's not in class or studying in the library, you’ll find her at the gym most likely having a blast in the group fitness studio! Shannon loves all animals (of course), but especially Pomeranians, and her little handsome boy Monty has her heart. Some of Shannon's veterinary interests include emergency and critical care medicine, as well as having a secret love for apes + monkeys. Fun fact: outside of vet, a huge passion of Shannon's is singing + acting; She'd love to star in a few musicals over her lifetime to add to her existing repertoire (She once played Sharpay from High School Musical in a major school production – her dream role!)


Shresta Maharaj

Shresta is a fourth year vet student and is the MUVSA treasurer for 2020. Shresta is from the tiny Isles of Fiji but NZ has been her home for the past 8 years. She loves travelling, getting cuddles from animals, socialising and has recently developed an indoor plant addiction. Becoming a vet has been her lifelong goal and she's very excited about what the future holds. Shresta hopes to be of great service to all the members of MUVSA as your treasurer.


Chris Ridell, Con Tencate, Sarah Hofmann & Olivia Wilbourne

This year the dream team is made up of Constantijn Tencate (con), a Dutch kiwi who’s first spoken word was “cow,” Sarah Hofmann, a German kiwi who if she were a dog, would be a Rottweiler, Olivia Wilbourne, a Pommy kiwi who says “How Good” an average of 143 times a day, and Chris Riddell (cat), a kiwi kiwi who is trying to make it through vet school without too many people finding out why he’s called cat. Together we are super excited to be involved with all the events that we have loved attending over the years and hope to make them everything you guys want and more. Let’s make sure we keep the saying “work hard but party harder” alive by getting everyone to come along to all the events. We can’t wait to see you all out there!

External Affairs Officer

Hannah Martin

Hannah is a third year vet student who is originally from Tauranga and grew up on a dairy farm, and because of this her passions lie in large animal practice! She has a great love for all things outdoors, and spends any of her spare time there with her friends and family. This year Hannah wants to achieve in her role to make a bigger connection between the Vet School and other students at Massey, to let them all know were not as scary (although definitely as crazy) as we look!

BVT Social Rep

Alessia Morel

Alessia is a second year Veterinary Technology Student who one day hopes to work with exotic animals. Born and raised on a lifestyle block right here in the Manawatu she spent most of her childhood raising lambs and chasing sheep. Outside of Uni she loves to bake, dance, and enjoy a good glass of whiskey whilst cuddling her bunnies. As social officer she hopes to help bring together the vets and techs for some antics. The MUVSA team have threatened to dredge up some unflattering Facebook photos if she doesn’t provide her own, to this Alessia says “Do your worst”

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Class Representatives 2020


BVSc 1: Ben Hart & Elsa Haugen

BVSc 2: Tara Brophy & Madeleine Pollard
BVSc 3: Oscar Tia Porras & Kate Hollinshead
BVSc 4: Tom Liu and Rebecca Presow
BVSc 5: Kate Harrison and Grace Keamper


BVT 3: Kelsey Voigt & Shanelle Soothil 

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