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Equine Club

President: Steph Matthews

Vice President: Kiera Reynolds

Treasurer: Shay Brokate

Secretary: Lucy Reichart

Events Coordinators: Charlotte Dargaville & Katya Kanon


Fee: $10 yearly membership

Facebook: Massey Equine Club

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The Massey Equine Club is dedicated to all things equine! We aim to raise awareness and promote “all things equine” to the Massey University community through the likes of seminars, workshops and field trips.


We host talks on key equine topics including welfare, colic, breeding, training, foaling and emergency and critical care. Our talks are often centred around a veterinarian’s role in horse care however anyone with an interest in horses or a desire to learn more is welcome.


Check out our Facebook page “Massey Equine Club” to find out more. Membership with Massey Equine club will get you priority and discounts on our field trips and workshops.

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