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MUVSA Executive 2022


BVSc President

Natalie Peoples 
Jack Cameron.jpg

BVSc Vice President

Emily Heath 

BVSc Immediate Past President

Jack Cameron


Ben Hart 

Ben is a fourth year veterinary student who has a passion for high vis. He is from Auckland, but he has been know to conceal this by saying he’s from ‘up North’ when outside of Auckland. He would like to one day work at a mixed practice South Island clinic, while listening to Brian FM.


Mya is a fourth year vet student. She is from Kerikeri (that's actually "up north"). Somehow this degree convinced her to trade the beaches of the Bay of Islands for the gloom of Palmy. When not pissed off with the weather, she can be found befriending cows with dandelions.


Mya Napier 

External Affairs Officer

Phoebe Laugesen 

Phoebe is a third year student from the Hawke’s Bay. Raised on a sheep and beef farm with a love for the outdoors, she can often be found saving orphaned animals (like Fern her pet fawn). Phoebe’s career plans for the future change every day but will likely involve large animals. When not studying she can be found obsessively looking at international flights, cooking or in the bush.

Sustainability Liaison

Crystal Yu

International Student Rep

Anthony Attaalla 

Anthony is a third year vet student originally from the heart of Toronto, Canada. He’s a city boy through and through. Anthony is still deciding on what he wants to do after school but knows he’d love to work with exotics in the future. When Anthony’s not in the library chatting away when he should be studying, you’ll see him chatting away literally anywhere else when he should be studying. He loves a good conversation, so if you’re bored and want a quick (or very long) yarn, don’t be shy to approach him.


Vet Wellbeing Officer

Sarah Andrews 

Sarah is a fourth year BVSc student from Southland who grew up on a sheep and beef farm in the wop-wops (a.k.a. middle of nowhere). Sarah has an appreciation and passion for production animal work, but has a soft spot for smallies therefore would love to work in a rural mixed practice. In her spare time she loves to play football, get outdoors and do a bit of art. This year Sarah hopes that the Vet Wellbeing Initiative can continue to run events, provide resources and support students to look after their wellbeing through vet school and beyond. 

Bar Team 

Caitlin Johnstone 
Yash Verma 

Caitlin is one of you Bar team members (the coolest one). She is a fourth year vet student from Ashburton (I know) who loves all types of animals. Caitlin is undecided on what she wants to do but if anyone asks she'll tell them she'll probably end up doing mixed practice or trying out an internship. When she's not in the library, she can be found in the pool, gym or on the hockey turf. She's also a big stress baker - so is a good person to be friends with come exam time.


Yash is on the bar team. A goal he had well before he realised he wants to be a Vet. If you havent yet guessed, He’s from Auckland (a jaffa for you country folk). When not studying, he is probably cooking, eatin, drinking or working out. He plans to end up in mixed practice with a dream of traveling the world fixing all types of animals along the way. We wish him all the best.

Olivia Luckock  
Zac Colban-Carr

Class Representatives 2023

Tamara Kurvers Dunlop 


BVSc 5: 

Maddie Guy 

Maddie is a fourth year vet student. Originally from Rotorua Maddie has grown up around a variety of animals and now has a passion for Alpaca and other lifestyle block animals. In her free time she can be found hanging out with friends, or tucked up in bed with Netflix. 

BVSC 4: 

Ethan Elliot 
Jami Smythe 

Ethan is a fourth year vet student from the beautiful and glorious metropolis of Hamilton who plans on becoming a Veterinary Pathologist. The only thing getting him through vet school are thoughts and prayers. When he's not at his home of the Massey library he can be found at the gym bench pressing to Lana Del Rey, getting mildly burnt at the beach or playing video games. He hopes to not bring any shame on the 4th year class as one of their acting class reps.


Jami is a hopeful, yet somewhat salty, fourth year vet student, hailing from Dargaville. Jami isn’t too sure how they became class rep given the fierce competition, but romped home with 100% of the votes alongside Ethan! Jami is the fourth year’s resident bird and reptile nerd cunningly disguised as a mixed practice vet in the making. When not representing BVSc4, Jami can be found sewing all kinds of weird and wonderful creations, learning languages, eating chips and occasionally burning otherwise perfectly good food.

BVSc 3: 

Frances Glover 

Frances is a third year vet student, and a very shameful Aucklander. She no longer resonates with her townie roots and hopes to live down south after uni, doing equine or mixed animal practice. The only thing getting her through this degree is her plan to galavant around Europe for 6 months once it’s over. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, hiking, and (like many vet students) drinking!

Grace Bleach 

BVSc 2: 

Zoe Cooper 

Zoe is a second year vet student from Wellington. Although she is very much a city girl, she’s enjoying the sheep wrestling and vicious horse encounters that comes with the BVSc degree. Zoe hopes to work at a mixed practice clinic in the future if she is not completely deterred by the large animals. Outside of the joys of learning anatomy, she enjoys playing hockey, baking desserts and watching reality tv!

Jonathan Currie 

Jonny is a second-year vet student from Central Otago. With a keen eye for racehorses, Jonny is open and eager to explore the many paths this degree can lead him down. When he's not studying, Jonny's interests are quite polarising, ranging from sports to business, philosophy to country music. He is always keen for a conversation, especially if it involves a heated argument or a good dose of sh** chat.

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