Student Veterinary Business Society

In Association With Royal Canin

Committee: Thomas Traill, Billy Fitz, Sylvia Ma and Gabby Rout-Brown. 

Treasurer: Marie Potthoff

External Affairs: Chantelle Wallbridge

Fee: $5 yearly membership


Facebook: Student Veterinary Business Society

Through connecting students with practitioners, representatives, and business owners within the veterinary industry, and facilitating the accumulation of business understanding, we hope to empower students to confidently seek opportunities that were previously out of reach.


Five cornerstones drive this group: development of professional skills, networking, mentorship and community, innovation, and business competency.


Through attention to these values we intend to drive development in an area that is currently neglected in the BVSc curriculum. 


Membership gives you access to our workshops which are held approximately every three weeks. It also includes the ability for us to connect you with a wide range of professionals in the Veterinary industry and discounted fees to our two full day conference’s (a business conference and a CV/Interview workshop).


Any inquires or if you wish to become a member email Or feel free to approach any of us mentioned above on campus.