'Nose to Tail'

Editors: Rachel Eden and Olivia Kingston 

Writers: Anna, Colleen and Emma


Contact Email: masseyvetnewsletter@gmail.com 


'Nose to Tail' is the monthly newsletter publication of the Massey University Students' Association. This newsletter consists of student articles, lecturer 

columns, interviews, pet of the month and upcoming events. It acts to document the adventures of our veterinary students with the intention of informing and entertaining other students (not during lectures lectures ofcoarse). It is edited by second and third year students.




'Nose to Tail' was established by the 2014 MUVSA executive to historically document the lives of vet students within the faculty. 










As a student-published newsletter, it cannot be kept alive without the creative work and support of students and faculty staff. If you have a piece of work that you would like to be included in 'Nose to Tail', please get in contact with us at masseyvetnewsletter@gmail.com.




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